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Why Choose ARK International?


Our team is exclusively specialized in data space. The talented data engineers are well trained and bring several years of Developer experience. They are trained to hit the ground running when they landed on a new project thus saving ramp-up time for the client. The data engineers provided reusable and configurable solutions so that the solutions can scale up  or can be expanded to solve similar problems. They are highly talented in developing efficient ETL processes ( Extract , Transform and Load ) or ELT.  


Our team of experienced data architects bring several years of industry experience in enterprise data architecture and frame work. They are specialized in building logical and physical data models and bring best practices in data design, data standardization and data governance.


Our dedicated team of engineers are mentored by very senior data architects who spent last 35 years in data architecture, data modeling, data transformations, data standardization, performance tuning and data governance. The team has proven success and bring all round capabilities to build Enterprise Data Warehouse.


Data Engineering Academy - We offer excellent online training classes for candidates who are interested in pursuing Data Engineering as a career. The instructors bring several years of data modeling, data architecture and ETL skills. The instructors were consultants to several large scale data warehouse projects. We also offer on-site classes for small to large corporations to train their own employees in Data Engineering.


Flexible consulting rates - We offer consulting time with minimum one hour and increments of 30 min there after.

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